In any home pest control regimen, we cannot stress

by:BrightMart     2020-06-29
We will review methods to try to avoid being a part of the problem of creating chemical resistance in and cockroach bait aversions in common household pests. We will use the German cockroach as an example. 1) Vary the baiting gel every 3-6 months: Choose baits that use different food matrices to circumvent the pest from developing an aversion to the food matrices that is being used to bait them. Your pest control product will list what is being utilized. If you have trouble making heads or tails of the product information listed, a professional pest control supplier can decipher the information for you. If they are not will to do that, I wouldn't spend my money there. 2) Use sprays that have different chemical compounds: If your cockroaches are pyrethroid-resistant, using an insecticide that contains pyrethroid will not do you any good. When making an initial purchase of insecticide, just bite the bullet and buy at two and make sure they use different chemicals for control. Then, alternate usage at the same time that you alternate your bait. 3) Use your control methods correctly: When using DIY pest control, it's easy to just purchase, point and shoot. Yet, to be effective at long term control, it is best to make certain that you are using your control methods correctly. For instance, you've used a baiting gel to reduce long term cockroach populations, but you want to immediately kill the ones that are there so you buy insect spray and use it in the areas that you have applied gel. Well, if you've purchased a spray that has a 'repellant' formula, you've just repelled the cockroaches from going near your bait and your bait won't do you a bit of good. 4) Research all of your options: Do you know all of available methods of control? Do a little research and make sure you have all the knowledge necessary to enact a well rounded integrated pest control plan for your home. 5) Don't be afraid to ask: If you aren't sure about any products or options, just ask! A pest control supplier will have time tested knowledge and information that can be useful to you. Let your ego take a break and ask a professional to share some of their how to with you. You'll save yourself time and money by clarifying anything you don't feel sure about.
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