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by:BrightMart     2020-05-26
Lavender Is A Common Essential Oil As it's common name strongly implies, this common essential oil is derived from Lavender flowers. The word 'lavender' comes from the Latin word 'lavera', which means to wash, and is truly a multi-purpose member of the family of natural remedies. It can be utilized for many ailments and problems, like skin repair, healing wounds, healing burns, relief from pain, and skin diseases. As if that isn't sufficient, Lavender can be used as a deodorant (it has a terrific smell), anti-inflammatory agent, antiseptic, insect repellent, and fungicide. Shall I continue? ... problems with the skin which include acne, dry and itchy skin, blisters due to abrasion, warts, breakouts, boils, and eczema! Many mothers know the comfortable effects of lavender oil when applied small burns, fighting germs and battling pain. Sunburn and insect stings can be treated with lavender and may be much more preferable to the use of a medical cream containing a variety of chemicals. It also has a marvelous soothing effect when gasified and breathed in. (Lavender oil is widely used in aromatherapy, search Google for ' lavender essential oil, aromatherapy '). The Great Destroyer - Lemon Lemon essential oil is really derived from the rind of the lemon and is a powerful member of the group. Similar to the other oils, it can be diffused into the atmosphere and pervade our living area with a marvelous natural smell. All the same, the pleasant smell is possibly a relatively minor component of this mythical oil. Various research institutes, especially in Japan, discovered that lemon oil vapor can ameliorate memory and help the condition of patients with dementia. What is more, after a study carried out with office workers, it was seen that people working in an atmosphere suffused with the vapor of lemon essential oil experienced an enhanced well-being, and increase in concentration and efficiency. Other Benefits and Uses Many germs can be eradicated by treating with lemon oil, and experimentation shows that it's remarkably fast in it's purifying action in this way. (For information of this research and any other mentioned in these pages, just enter 'lemon essential oil research' in Google). It is also associated with reinforcement of the body's immune system, so augmenting our natural defenses. Our own immune system is very important to our overall health. If this individual feature of our organism is reinforced, we wouldn't need so many present day medical treatmentss that are now deemed commonplace.
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