Water Soluble Granules ‘Duofu’, Nematicide for Root-knot Nematodes on Rice.

It is often useless to apply fungicide or fertilizer on rice in weak growth, such as poor emergence, yellow leaves, and slow growth.

Root systems of these yellowing seedlings were not the same as normal seedlings, attached with root nodules. These root nodules are caused by root-knot nematodes.
Root nodules on rice

Root nodules on rice

Abundant root-knot nematodes were found in soil. Rice root-knot nematodes are small and invisible to the naked eye. It mainly parasitizes roots and absorbs nutrients from plants. Root-knot nematodes irritate roots and cause plant tissue to swell.
Root-knot nematodes on rice

Common root-knot nematode species that harm rice are Pseudograss root-knot nematodes, southern root-knot nematodes, Java root-knot nematodes, rice root-knot nematodes, and peanut root-knot nematodes. All of these root-knot nematodes cause root nodules to rice.

 Health roots without root nodules

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