New Product Arrival — Your Premier Copper-Containing Fungicide

Cucumber bacterial angular spot, cabbage soft rot, peach bacterial shot-hole disease, fruit tree canker, tomato pepper bacterial leaf spot and other bacterial diseases will seriously affect crop yields and the income of growers. The general fungicides commonly used by growers are easy to have resistance with unsatisfactory effects. Microbial fungicides are poor in treatment effect and slow to take effect. Inorganic copper fungicides are poor in safety, not easy to mix with other fungicides, and easy to occur hazard of pesticides.
Facing the increasingly serious bacterial diseases, what should we do?
Kweizen Pyraclostrobin 10% + Oxine-copper 30% SC

Product Features:
1. Formulation with scientific ratio is more helpful to exert the characteristics of the compounds.
2. The product applies to the control of a variety of diseases with the features of broad spectrum, safety to crops, effectiveness against fungi and bacteria.
3. It has long term effect, redistributing in case of rain or water.
4. It can increase crop yields, improve quality and reduce the occurrence of diseases, and make leaves flourish and fruits completely filled.
Product Advantages:
1. High safety and good mixing performance: Inorganic copper preparations are easy to cause pesticide hazard due to high copper ion content and fast diffusion, and are difficult to mix with other products. 
Kweizen uses a new chelation process to firmly bind copper ions and release them slowly, greatly reducing safety risks. It can be mixed with most chemicals, and can be used in flowering and young fruit stages.
2. Systemic conduction, good treatment effect: Kweizen can not only efficiently protect crops from pathogenic bacteria on the surface of plants, but also can penetrate deep into the plant body, conduct to various plant tissues, and find out the pathogenic bacteria hidden deep inside, it can control the spread of diseases within 24 hours.
3.High-efficiency and broad-spectrum: Kweizen has special effects on bacteria and prevents all fungi. It has the best effect when used in advance, can form a dense protective film on the surface of crops to block the infestation of diseases.
4.Great crop health effect: After using Kweizen, the leaves are flourish and bright green, which can improve the photosynthesis efficiency of crops, promote growth, improve fruit quality and increase yields.
Field Trials:
Peach: Bacterial shot-hole disease
Dosage: 1000 times dilution

Before                                5 days after treatment