When two main types of migratory flight pests severely infest rice fields, what should we do?

As the temperature warms up in the spring, migratory flight pests such as the rice planthopper and rice leaf roller become active, migrating flight from south to north, causing outbreaks of these pests.
Eastern Asia is the main migratory flight destination for rice planthoppers, which mainly come from Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam and Thailand. Rice planthoppers begin to migrate flight from central and northern Vietnam in March and April, gradually moving to southern China, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. 
When passing through Zhejiang and Jiangsu Province, some of them will migrate flight to Japan, while others go to South Korea. In early-stage, the migratory flight pests are the grey planthopper and the white-backed planthopper, while the brown planthopper migrates flight later.
It is recommended that growers pay attention to take measures to prevent and control pests, ensuring the safety of rice production. Dually can effectively control rice planthoppers and rice leaf rollers, and growers should alternate and rotate pesticides to delay the development of pesticide resistance effectively.
Dually (Nitenpyram 20% + Dinotefuran 40% WG)
Product features:
1. Dually is highly effective control for rice planthoppers, it takes effect quickly within 1 hour after application and having long-term effects for more than 20 days.
2. The formula has good dispersibility and water solubility, suitable for drone application.
3. Safe for crayfish and crabs,environmentally friendly.
Trial results:
Crop: Rice
Dosage: 2000 times dilution
Target: Rice leaf roller
Before:Outbreak of rice leaf rollers
48 hours after application: The pest was effectively controlled, and almost all rice leaf rollers were dead.