Insecticide and herbicide are those pesticides

by:BrightMart     2020-07-25
Important Fact about Herbicides Herbicides are further divided into three broad categories of pre-emergence, pre-plant and post emergence on the basis of time of application. Depending upon the chemical nature of herbicide, age and characteristics of weeds, and other factors, timing of herbicide application is decided. Pre-plant herbicides are applied before the crops are grown. Pre-emergence herbicides are applied before the emergence of weeds and after the plantation of the crops and post emergence herbicides are used after the weeds have emerged. Different types of Insecticides Insecticides are of two types: inorganic and organic. Organic insecticides are derived from living organisms such as plant and animals and inorganic insecticides are derived from metals and certain compounds. Organic insecticides are believed that do not cause any harm to the nature, man and animal, but inorganic insecticides do have some potential dangers which require necessary precautions. It is a common misconception among general public that these agrochemicals are not to be used because of the potential threats pose by them if not use properly. However, follow the certain precautions in order to avoid the harmful effects of these chemicals: These are the certain guidelines which aid in achieving the desired result of increasing agricultural productivity while reducing possible threats. In order to buy these chemicals at reasonable rates, then search over the internet.
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