Is flea beetle difficult to control? Try this

Flea beetles are the most common pests during the growth of leaf vegetables, and the most harmful in the seedling stage. They mainly feed on mesophyll and rhizomes, causing nicks and holes on the leaves. If growers don't pay attention to flea beetles, which can cause a large number of dead seedlings or seriously affect the appearance and price of vegetables.

People often say that flea Beetle is difficult to control, and many methods have been used with little effect:

1. The flea beetle can be keenly aware of subtle mist of pesticide solution, and immediately jump to the ground or drill into the soil to hide.

2. What’s even more troubling is that the flea beetles not only run fast, but also know to feign death to confuse farmers.

3. Vegetable planting in greenhouses provides food sources for flea beetles for overwintering, so the number of flea beetles is very large.

4. If grower sprayed some single pesticide for a long time, that will accelerate the development of resistance, making the prevention and control of flea beetle even more difficult.

Product features:

1. Add special additives to increase the penetration of the insecticide, so the solution can completely penetrate the shell of flea beetles and directly kill flea beetles.

2. Super strong adhesion and extension of strength, when flea beetles feed and crawl, they come into contact with the insecticide solution and absorb it into the body, with long-lasting, stable and reliable efficacy.

3. Strong contact killing ability and quick-acting, it can quickly kill flea beetles, and take effect immediately after spraying Beetliss.
4. The product is very safety, no residue, ease of use.

Recommended Usage Method:

Dilute 30ml of Beetliiss with 15L of water, when spraying, start from outter side the field, then the center, spray evenly and thoughtfully, including the soil should also be sprayed to completely kill flea beetles.