Is it difficult to prevent and control the root nematodes? Nemava can help

Pepper growers always have such a trouble: They are preventing and killing pepper root nematodes every year, but the root nematodes recurred every year, the effect of prevention and control of pepper root nematodes is not ideal, how can we effectively prevent and control the pepper root nematodes?

Pepper root nematodes reproduce quickly, with highly infective and very harmful, it mainly injures the roots of pepper (especially fibrous roots and lateral roots), and stimulates the proliferation of root cells to generate the tumor-like root knots, meanwhile destroys the abilities of pepper to absorb nutrients and water, causing the poor plant growth and dwarfing of peppers. 

The wounds left by root nematodes invasion will also become the entrance for soil-borne pathogens such as phytophthora blight, damping off and fusarium wilt of peppers, which will further accelerate the root rot, causing the plant to die, and resulting in failure of peppers.

As the hazards of root nematodes become more and more obvious, many pepper growers have paid attention to prevent and control of the root nematodes. However, due to the lack of comprehensive prevention and control methods, inappropriate use of pesticides, lead to the unsatisfactory prevention and control effects, the root nematodes quickly recurred, continuing to damage the peppers.
We recommend that pepper growers use comprehensive measures to prevent and control root nematodes (crop rotation, stubble cleaning, field cleaning, strengthening fertilizer and water management to improve plant disease resistance). In addition, it is especially recommended to spread 30-40kg/ha of Nemava granules to the field when at the stage of soil preparation.

Product features:

1. Targeting both nematodes and underground pests, suitable for most crops.

2. Add high-efficiency additives, stable quality: special anti-degradation agent is added to inhibit the decomposition of fosthiazate, and the quality is stable within the validity period.

3. The unique slow-release technology of Nemava, with the continuous exertion of the pesticide effect, and can protect the roots of crops from damage for a long time.

4. Apply Nemava in the seedling stage of crops, it has the effect of strengthening seedlings and promoting growth, and comprehensively protects the healthy growth of crop seedlings.

5. Two effective ingredients that are perfectly integrated, both kill nematodes and kill underground pests: the fosthiazate can effectively kill root-knot nematodes, cyst nematodes, root-rot nematodes, combined with thiamethoxam to prevent grubs, mole crickets, cutworms, wireworms and other underground pests also early leaf piercing-sucking mouthpart pests, Nemava protects the root system of crops in an all-round way, with better prevention and control effect.