Is there any third party doing daconil fungicide quality test?
As the brand awareness increasing, BrightMart CropScience has worked with a trustworthy third party to conduct the quality test. In order to guarantee the quality of fungicide , our reliable third party will perform the quality test based on the tenet of fairness and justice. A third-party certification plays an important role in giving us clear quality situation about our product, which will encourage us to do better in the upcoming future.

BrightMart's manufacture capability for insecticide is widely recognized. BrightMart's groundnut pesticide series include multiple types. The product works stably under harsh conditions. Its mechanical parts, treated under different corrosive medium, can operate stably in acid-base and mechanical oil environment. It has a unique translaminar action which helps a longer duration of control. Most of our customers say that the feeling of the products in the handis good because of its smoothness and texture. This product is not easily affected by the strong light.

Having a great ambition, BrightMart determines to be a top selective herbicide manufacturer. Get info!
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