It is in the nature of the stink bug to feed on

by:BrightMart     2020-07-02
As we know, stink bugs will feed on the leaves of plants and some fruits. The tomato is a fruit and is full of juices for the stink bug to eat. This results in the destruction of leaves which can lead to poor plant health and even plant death. Damage can occur to more than just the leaves of the tomato plant. The tomatoes, themselves, are often damaged. In order to feed on the tomato, the stink bug must penetrate the skin. When the insect bites the skin, it injects a cell killing enzyme which will later manifest itself as a yellow or brown spot on the tomato. This damage renders the tomato useless when marketing. If a female stink bug chooses to lay her eggs on a tomato plant, the end result could be devastating. Some varieties of female stink bugs can lay as many as 130 eggs at a time. These eggs can hatch in a matter of days producing an army of hungry nymphs. In order to deal with a stink bug infestation in your tomato garden, you must start with looking for egg clusters. Walk around your garden and check the leaves of every plant looking for egg clusters. Remove any clusters found by removing the entire leaf. Do not simply rip the leaf off. Gently break it away from the stem so you don't damage the plant further. Destroy any leaves which contain egg clusters. You can treat the infestation with parasites which may be available at a farm cooperative. These are not typically sold to the public. The best and easiest way to control these pests is by applying an insecticide soap to all plants in the affected area. If you notice stink bugs in your yard or garden, treat your plants immediately to prevent them from eating the leaves, tomatoes, or laying eggs. The stink bug will not lay eggs on a treated leaf and will not eat them. This will save your tomato plants from dying due to stink bug infestation.
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