Japanese Knotweed Removal

by:BrightMart     2020-05-12
If you have ever tried to get rid of Japanese Knotweed you know it is quite a job. Let's talk a bit about one way to accomplish Japanese knotweed removal. There is an herbicide named Glyphosate that is sold under various brand names like Roundup and Redeo that works pretty well at killing Japanese Knotweed. Most people only think of spraying it on the plants leaves. This will work to a degree but it is very likely that the Knotweed will return. A much better way to apply the Glyphosate is to inject right into the plant. It is kind of like 'Death by lethal injection'. When you use this method the Glyphosate goes way down inside the plant and kills it from the inside. The very best was to use the injection method is wait until the end of summer, then inject the herbicide into the plant between the first and second knot on the stem. The reason is that at that time of year the plant is getting ready to die for the winter months and so it takes nutrients deep inside of the plant. When you inject the plant at this time it will also take your herbicide deep inside also. That is why using this method is the most successful on the first or second try. Since this plant is, what's known as an herbaceous perennial, which means it will try to come back every year. Even if you are successful with the removal of Japanese knotweed with this injection method it may come back next year. Just kill it again and very soon it will not be able to come back and you will have succeeded in getting rid of it once and for all. You are probably wondering why you shouldn't just spray the Glyphosate on the plant. Well, the reason is that this herbicide is what's known as a non-selective herbicide, which means it will kill everything it touches. If you have some plants that you want to keep nearby and you get some of this herbicide on them they will die. That is a big reason but the most important reason is that the injection method is the method that works best and takes the fewest number of re-killings to finally get rid of the Knotweed.
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