Jatropha is the plant with many potential benefits

by:BrightMart     2020-05-12
The Jatropha curcas is the plant which can grow in semi arid region, little care is enough for its growth. It grows both in topical and sub tropical region. The jatropha seed contains 35 percent oil content in it. The oil from jatropha can be used as biodiesel blend up to 20% without refining. The oil burns with clear smoke-free flame, and was tested successfully as a fuel for simple diesel engine. It is not a food crop since the oil is non-edible. The oil is used as a traditional medicine disinfectant and to cure diseases like cancer, piles, snakebite, paralysis dropsy etc. The seed oil is also used for lighting and in soap preparation. It is rarely used as a live fence in preventing crops from livestock and it occasionally used as property demarcation. It reduces the soil erosion. The optimum growing conditions for the Jatropha plant ranges from 1000 to1500 mm annual rainfall, with temperatures of 20 to 28 C. The soil should be free draining with no water logging. But adequate water and nutrition is a must for high yield. The jatropha is easy to grow and it can bear the seeds within a year of planting. It provides oxygen for the planet and it can grow even in poor soil. It cannot withstand frost. The Jatropha Electrification is developing in many countries. Mali is considered to be one of the poorest countries in the world. At Mali, Garalo Jatropha Producers' Cooperative (CPP) and the power company ACCESS are the main institutions developing jatropha cultivation. The private power company ACCESS is generates and does electricity sales. Currently 247 households are connected to the micro grid after a payment of $30 as a contribution to the connection costs. Likewise in India, the Rural Electricity Supply Technology (REST) mission of the Ministry of Power (MOP) planning to produce power for all by 2012. The small scale power generation projects were established in Chattisgarh, India. It is being run by Winrock International in the Kabir Dham district. This small power system provides 24-hour power supply at the very affordable price of 50 cents per light bulb to poor villagers. It is 17.5 KW capacity power plant runs on raw jatropha seed oil .Jatropha is a promising crop for rural development. The jatropha oil lights up rural areas with electricity. The jatropha planting on the wastelands has the ability to provide 50-60% of the India's fuel requirements. The Jatropha curcas plantation in 1 hectare reduces 20 tons of carbon dioxide per year. The largest jatropha producing country in Asia will be Indonesia and India. In Africa, Ghana and Madagascar will be the largest producers. Brazil will be the largest producer in Latin America. The plantation is a labor intensive process hence it creates job for many poor rural people. Above all Jatropha can be used as a Renewable Energy.
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