Just the word 'termites' alone is often enough

by:BrightMart     2020-06-11
These tiny creatures account for more than two billion dollars in damage to homes each year. Yet, what's even scarier is that these little creatures don't seem to prefer one particular type of wood. There are over two thousand types of termites living among us although not all are harmful to your home. Some prefer dry wood, while others prefer the damper selections. Together, they could happily devour a forest (or a house). Those preferring drier wood will also eat wallpaper, plastics and fabrics, as long as they are derived from a plant compound. Of this drier wood feasting variety, the subterranean termite is the most destructive. Though they live in the damp soil of the underground, they can eat a lot of wood (as well as the other plant-based products) very quickly. Foundations, support beams, walls, pools, insulation, and even many types of plumbing are in danger when these creatures are around, which is why it is essential to call in termite exterminators as soon as one is spotted. Of the more than twenty-three hundred species of termites known throughout the world, only forty-five of them exist in this country. However, all of them live in colonies and are considered to be social insects. That means that seeing a single termite is a warning sign that a termite inspection should be ordered immediately. Like bees, termites have a sort of structured system within their colonies. There are workers, reproductives, and the defenders. Only those who reproduce will ever see. The rest of the colony remains blind and must communicate through the use of pheromones. Though it might seem odd, one of the best defenses against termites is another predator. Ants will literally attack and destroy whole termite colonies. Having lived on this planet much longer than mankind - for more than two hundred million years - it is not likely that the termite population is going to see an end any time soon. So, homeowners must take measures - such as preventing pooling water near the home and removing wood scraps and debris from the yard, to prevent infestations. In worst case scenarios, when termites find their way to a home, companies like Slug-A-Bug, Brevard County termite control services can be called in to get rid of the voracious varmint.
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