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To kill bed bugs has become very essential to stop the epidemic of bedbugs. Bedbugs are found anywhere all over the world if climatic condition suits them. There are various methods through which we can definitely kill different insects and bugs. We can kill bedbugs naturally or several bedbug sprays are available in market to kill them. Few methods are given below to kill bed bugs and other insects. To kill bed bugs naturally: The initial step in killing bedbugs is to examine the room very minutely so that no corner of the room is left without inspection. After examining the room one can vacuum the room, carpets, curtains so that eggs and dead skin of bugs are removed. Also wash all clothes, bed sheets, curtains and dry mattress and other things in hot sun because bedbugs cannot survive in extreme temperature. The next step is to give proper treatment to bedbug. Natural products are safe for humans and pets. One can try with natural products like fossil shell dust which is made from fossils of marine organism. It directly goes on skin which dehydrates them and makes them die. We can also go for bedbug trap. Various bedbug sprays are available in market like patrol which is natural. To kill bed bugs spray like pesticide can also be used whose major ingredients are permithrenis and pyrethrenis which are sometimes harmful. These are bed bug killer. To kill bed mites: Bed mites also take shelter in your home in beds, carpets, curtains etc. If they are present in home they lead to allergy like running nose. It is necessary to kill bed mites. There are several natural ways to kill be mites like cleaning your home, vacuuming carpet and drying the furniture's, beds, carpet in hot sun because mites hate strong sunlight. The other way is to spray such insecticide. To kill fleas: Fleas usually get attracted towards four-footed animals. If there is pet in your then there are chances of fleas at home. There are several natural methods to kill fleas. It is basically related to proper hygiene of the pet. You can also spray salt overnight on the carpet and vacuum it next day so many fleas are killed in night. Giving regular bathe to your pet, maximum time keeping him inside the house, cleaning bed of pets keeps away fleas. To kill chiggers: Chiggers are found in grassy and damp area. To kill chiggers it is better to spray pesticide in the affected area. To avoid chigger bites it is better to wear long sleeves shirt and full pant. To kill body lice: To kill body lice it is necessary to take a bath with body lice killer which is made up of essential oils or you can also use body enzyme spray. For treating furniture, cloth, and automobiles we can use various sprays related to it. LINK:
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