Kisan Group Established in 1964 with a strong

by:BrightMart     2020-06-06
Klsan Group, a conglomerate with over 47 years experience in environmental services, Proposes to construct the latest generation highly efficient and environmentally safe waste land conversions to provide sustainable employment and benefit to rural communities. Our mission is to support the resolution of present day, negative environmental and social effects through more efficient waste land conversion practices and deploy sustainable agriculture on a scale to achieve environmental improvements at minimal cost and 1mpact. At Kisan, we see the opportunity to create a world where everything is customized according to the shape and size of our dreams and designed to unfold Just the way we planned. Kisan Group is one of the leading manufacturers of Organic Manure, Urea, Bio Fertilizer, Bio Pesticide, Bio Fungicide, Soil Conditioner, Plant Food, Neem Cake, and Cake Meal etc. Main objective of Kisan Group is to offer simple but innovative organic products to serve the Mother Earth, the plants, men and animals. Aware of the environmental issues and the need for green technology, Kisan Group emphasizes on the natural products of microbial or plant origin for most applications without chemicals.
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