Kitchen garden holds important position in one home

by:BrightMart     2020-07-09
>> If there are many caterpillars in your garden, you can leave some frogs I the garden. They will eat all caterpillars in small time. After that you can catch these frogs manually. Try to leave big sized frogs in your garden. If there are snails in the garden, leave ducks. In this way, you can find ecological solution to remove many pests from your kitchen garden.>> If there are insects and their larvae in the garden, leave some ladybugs and spiders. They are the natural enemy to many insects. But do not leave them at a time. Spiders can eat ladybugs. Ladybugs are useful pests and can kill many harmful insects and larvae. When ladybugs finish their tasks, employ spiders to kill them. You can easily trap spiders afterward.>> Use organic spray to kill pests. Prepare spray by mixing juices of ginger, lemon and chili. It is a useful organic spray and can kill many harmful insects and pests easily.>> You can spread some grains in your field to attract birds in the garden. These birds can eat up many insects. But keep a watch on them. They may also eat the fruits and vegetables of your garden.>> You can also sprinkle mild insecticide powder in the garden. They can slowly kill the pests and at the same time will not disturb the nutrients of the vegetables and fruits.>> If you are annoyed of birds, you can make scarecrow in the garden. Scarecrow is human like structure that is used to prevent crow entering the garden. The crow and other birds get afraid of entering field assuming that there is man standing in the field. These are some methods used to make kitchen garden free from insects, pests and birds. However, if they are not getting controlled, you can take help of pest control methods. You can easily look for Pest Control in Gurgaon. There are many Gurgaon pest control organizations to check their population easily. They use effective strategy to control their population. Pest control Gurgaon based organization also use inorganic chemical to kill the pests when needed.
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