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'Lanli'eliminates nematodes to promote growth of citrus

'Lanli'eliminates nematodes to promote growth of citrus


Why releasing inhibit growth of citrus shoots in Autumn is such an important part of citrus cultivation? First of all, it enlarges tree crown. Secondly, most of citrus shoots transform into functional branches providing abundant nutrition in Autumn. Eventually, it contributes to preparation for massive fruit in next year. To achieve this ideal harvest, eliminating nematodes to protect crops root is critical for quick greening of citrus shoots.

Nematodes like Root-knot nematodes are seriously harmful to citrus. Root-knot nematode causes root-knot, roots enlargement, roots deformity, black necrosis and rot, etc. Additionally, Root-knot nematode brings poor growth to citrus, causing leaves yellowing, curling, matte. Finally, leaves are getting dry and shed, flowers and fruits fall. Moreover, branches wilt and even whole plant dies. Root-rot nematodes creates root rot, resulting in loss of root absorption, yellowing and premature aging. Eventually, it brings weak growth to citrus.

                      Root-knot caused by Root-knot nematode

                Yellowing and premature aging due to nematodes damages.

In order to provide effective solutions to help farmers controlling nematodes on crops, ‘Lanli’ gives the best results on solving the problems.


Features of ‘Lanli’:

1.     ‘Lanli’ creates double-kill to nematode eggs and adults, quick knock-down and long-lasting effect, controlling nematode damage from the source. Furthermore, it induces crops to produce chitinase to decompose and absorb chito-oligosaccharide. Ultimately, it dissolves nematodes’ skin and egg shell, causing death to nematodes.

2.     Added safety additive, ‘Lanli’ provides is safe to crops.

3.     ‘Lanli’ also contributes sterilization and diseases prevention to citrus trees.

It enables plants produce PR protein and antibiotics. PR protein surrounds harmful bacteria to kill antibiotics. Meanwhile, it protects plants cells with healthy growth and immune to disease-resistant bacteria.

4.     With high systemic and conductive ability, ‘Lanli’ damages nematodes that have invaded to roots.

5.     ‘Lanli’ helps repairing damaged roots and promote growth of crops.

Citrus shoots turn green in Autumn after the application of ‘Lanli’ to  eliminate nematodes.

 The application of ‘Lanli’ to eliminate nematodes provides flowers blooming of Autumn shoots in next year.

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