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'Ligensha' and 'Basidan' won the honorary title of 'Guangdong Famous Products'

'Ligensha' and 'Basidan' won the honorary title of 'Guangdong Famous Products'


In mid-November of 2018, the Provincial Agricultural Department and Rural Affairs Department commended the enterprises whose products that won the “Guangdong Famous Products” in 2018. BrightMart CropScience continued to make persistent efforts. The two products of Ligensha and Basidan won the honorary title of “Guangdong Famous Products”.


The aim of this award “Guangdong Famous Products” is to encourage the famous agricultural products in Guangdong Province to attract popularity and influence, encourage agricultural enterprises to create famous brands, strengthen the agricultural product brand of the province. The Award of “Guangdong Famous Products” was to promote the excellent products of Guangdong Province and build a brand benchmark for the industry.

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