Many of us have in our life caught the laziness bug

by:BrightMart     2020-05-16
There is no need to get ashamed in saying that you were lazy and always will be one. But you need to make sure that it does not affect your personal and professional lives. Just like the proverb that an idle mind is a devil's workshop, we need to make sure that our laziness do not make us idle. Many behavior analysts and psychologist have proved the connection between being idle and lazy. They have said that lazy people tend to become more inactive and have an idle mind. Once you get an idle mind, your entire thoughts and behavior will change. Lot of us know that and may have experienced or seen from our own eyes. When laziness results in idleness, you have a catastrophic mind. A mind that is dangerous and more vulnerable to do harmful things. This may sound funny, but it is true. You may think that getting lazily in the morning, lazily driving the car and lazily doing work has such an effect. Frankly, it is right. Your laziness can crop up to your mind and body. It can sometimes become a part of you. Ultimately destroying your personal and professional life. What instigates or makes you lazy? Is it the way of life? These questions can always come up in your mind. First of all try to analyze what has been happening in your life. Sometimes laziness can happen due to the change in diet. You must be having food that has got less energy and necessary nutrition. Many people feel lazy because of the lack of energy to do some work. It is true. People have reasoned lack of energy as the main cause of laziness. You can also check on the amount of sleep you are having. Having a good and proper sleep is necessary to recharge our energy cells. When we get up in the morning our body and mind should be fresh. If not, we may feel tired and end by being lazy. So sometime we may have second thoughts on going to work or not. Seriously, even though we may not be sick, but the constant thought of getting up from the bed, driving the car and throttling to office may make us avoid going to work. Some people just enjoy lazily sitting on the couch and watching programs. They are so lazy to do any work and feel like a baby in a mother's womb. You know they feel safe and happy as their house is protected by various security systems like ADT Home Security Systems available in the market. Another fundamental reason why people become lazy is because of their goals. Every one of us set up goals in our life. We may set goals to become rich, successful, famous, etc. Now at first we may be enthusiastically working hard to achieve this goal. But when a point comes in our life where we feel that this goal is hard to achieve, we just drain our energy. We start lazily doing our job that ultimately we forgot or don't care about the goals. Yeah! It is true. Sometimes we feel bored doing the same monotonous work that we just maneuver away from our goals. We feel that doing the same kind of work is not yielding any results. Ultimately one thing you need to know is that you are in charge of your life. You need to stand up and analyze where your life is heading. Try to kick this laziness bug out of your life. It is better to do it now rather than regret about it later.
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