March is an important time for the garden as there

by:BrightMart     2020-06-05
March is the time to start mowing the lawn and trim the lawn edges to keep them neat and tidy. It is also the time to sow new lawns from seed or to lay turf. Water features and ponds should be cleaned up, and any fountains and pumps that were removed in the winter should be replaced. Compost should be dug in to soils to prepare them for planting and long-acting weedkillers should be applied to paths. Gravel should be topped up where it is thin and mulches should be replenished. Slug pellets can be placed around emerging shoots and garden tools should be checked over, with secateurs, garden knives and blades sharpened. Prune apple and pear trees early in March while they are still dormant, and also prune currants, gooseberries, forsythia and shrub roses. Bare-rooted fruit trees and bushes should be planted in the ground. Cane plants like raspberries can also be planted. Lots of vegetables should be planted in March, including beetroot, radishes, parsnips, kohl rabi, lettuce, leeks, early turnips, early peas, early Brussels sprouts, broad beans and spinach beet. Sow tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and aubergines in a greenhouse or propagator. This is also the place to sow strawberry seeds, summer bedding plants and houseplants like coleus and plant up bulbs and tubers. Plant out early potatoes and onions in rows. Plant an asparagus plot from crowns and also grow Jerusalem artichokes from tubers. Set up a cloche early in the month to warm the soil and after a week or two plant early carrots, early cauliflowers and cabbages. Spray fruit trees and bushes with a fungicide and clear any grass from the bases. Compost can be spread around the drip line and keep an eye out for any peat and slug activity. In the flower garden dead head any daffodils and early blooming bulbs and leave the foliage to doe back. Feed bushes like azaleas, camellias and rhododendrons and fertilise the roses. Cuttings can be taken from delphiniums and lilies can be planted out for summer displays. Sow sweet peas where they will be able to climb and give your garden colour and fragrance later in the year. Be alert for greenfly and wash them from tender shoots with soapy water, although non perfumed soap would be best! In time your tomato seeds and vegetable seeds will soon give you harvest!
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