Most home and commercial owners hate the idea

by:BrightMart     2020-05-30
Out of all the routine checkups made in a house or commercial building, the plumbing is probably the least checked and maintained. Some even go so far and claim that the water pipes can be left alone since it will survive for years. But there are benefits of having a routine system checkup that most people seem to miss. Preventing Premature Collapse One of the biggest benefits that a routine plumbing checkup can do is that it can prevent your house or building from sinking into the ground and collapsing. Leaky pipes underground could undermine the foundation of your structure, causing it to lose its footing. If a mere routine checkup can prevent your house or building from being reduced to rubble, what is the harm of shelling out a few extra dollars every couple of years? Preventing Mold, Termite and Other Pest Infestations There are a lot of organisms that love being in a dank, dark place, and even the tiniest of leaks can build enough moisture in and around your house to make it an ideal hotbed for cultures of mold, termites and other pests. Not only do these pests will cost you more in the long run (pest control does not come cheap, and it is definitely more inconvenient than having routine maintenance), but some of these pest infestations and pest control measures are hazardous to humans. Prevents Metal and Chemical Poisoning The thing about pipes able to survive for years is arguably true, but it is better to think that even the sturdiest metal pipes can and will deteriorate over time. Lead pipes erode and leak its lead components into the water, which can cause lead poisoning if regularly taken into the body. Chemical wastes from fertilizers and agricultural substances that spill on the ground can erode the pipes and filter into the water system. Not to mention that lead, mercury, and the host of toxic substances from chemicals can leach into the skin, so you don't necessarily have to drink the water to be in danger of metal and chemical poisoning. So while maintenance and repair is cumbersome, it exists for a reason, and should not be ignored. Keep your plumbing maintained regularly-you will thank yourself for it.
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