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Nematode damage on dragon fruits is becoming more severe

Nematode damage on dragon fruits is becoming more severe


Nematode damage on dragon fruits is becoming more severe. Affecting dramatically on the yield.


An invisible hazard in dragon fruit orchards is plant parasitic nematodes. Due to repeated plantations, unscientific fertilization practices and poor soil management. In recent years, parasitic nematodes problems have caused enormous loss and have become one of the biggest hazards in major dragon fruit plantation areas.


Dragon fruit is one of the most important fruits in the tropical and subtropical areas. In recent years, with the rapid development of dragon fruit planting industry, more  orchards have emerged. They are all facing the threats from this invisible enemy, parasitic nematodes. 


In the dragon fruit orchard, root-knot nematode is the major breed of parasitic nematodes, which mainly damaging roots and form root knots of varying sizes. The aboveground part of the affected dragon fruit plant has no obvious symptoms, but as the root damage gradually becomes more severe, leaves start yellowing and growth decline apparently. If no treatment applied, the stems will start yellowing and swollen, the resistance ability of other diseases and pests declines, and finally the yield drops dramatically. The loss can be up to 80% of the total yield.


Our star product “NEMATIX” could control parasitic nematodes rapidly and promote root repair and regain root growth.


NEMATIX has strong systemic absorption and conduction. It kills the nematodes adults and eggs that have already invaded the dragon fruit root system in time. NEMATIX also gives root protection immediately after application and prevents continued infestation of nematodes. It makes the nematodes nowhere to hide. At the same time, NEMATIX starts restoring growth to reduce further losses. NEMATIX is Safe for crops, safe for the soil and safe for the environment. 


NEMATIX has been recognized by a large number of dragon fruit growers and help them successfully resist the harm of parasitic nematodes and protect their harvest. 

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