New product launch, your new choice for mite control

The Spring Equinox is the fourth solar term of spring. After the Spring Equinox, the temperature will gradually rise, and rainfall will become more frequent. While growers enjoy the pleasant weather, they should also be aware that the temperature rise and increased humidity are conducive to the growth and reproduction of red spider mites. Every year from March to April is the peak season for red spider mites, so it is important to do a good job of mite control to prepare for a bountiful harvest.
Jimanlee's active ingredients are Abamectin and Etoxazole. Abamectin is broad-spectrum and kills mites quickly and efficiently, while Etoxazole has a long-lasting effect and is resistant to rain and washing. It can inhibit the molting of young mites and the development of eggs, and has a good sterilization effect on female mites. The combination of this two active ingredient is effective in preventing and controlling mites in all stages, saving time, effort, and labor. 
Jimanlee (Abamectin 3% + Etoxazole 20% SC)
Product features:
1. The combination of Abamectin and Etoxazole is high effective for controlling mites in all stages.
2. Combined with mite penetrant agent, it kills mites quickly and has a longer-lasting effect on killing eggs.
3. It is safe for crops at all stages and has good compatibility with other pesticides.
Application techniques:





Red spider mites

1500~2000 times dilution of the product for foliar spray.


Red spider mites,

two-spotted spider mite

3000~4000 times dilution of the product for foliar spray.

Apple, Pear

Red spider mites,

two-spotted spider mite

2000~3000 times dilution of the product for foliar spray.