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by:BrightMart     2020-07-04
This insecticide should be applied to the soil around a building in order to prevent termites from gaining entry into the building. This type of application provides for immediate protection and a reduction in the risk of structural damage from a termite infestation. The application of Termidor in to the soil can be labor intensive and might require specialized tools. It is recommended that dig a trench at the edges of your foundational slab and apply the treatment to this exposed soil. The same should be done to any wall or piers in your sub flooring. Yet perhaps the most involved step in the application is drilling through concrete patios, parking slabs, and other impervious surfaces that adjoin the home. These types of soil treatments are used with other termite treatments many of which function as a repellent. This left them with the weakness that a gap in coverage might allow termites to enter the home. But, fortune, because of how this product works small gaps in coverage will not affect the efficacy. Because of the transitive properties of Termidor, as well termites' inability to detect it you can count on this product finding its way back to the colony. Once a termite comes in contact with this compound they become a 'carrier' and will spread the effects of exposure to others. This is referred to as the transfer effect, meaning that until the termite dies it will infect others in its colony. It's not just for termites. This product is also effective as a preventative measure for the treatment of ants. Much of the same, including the transfer effect, holds true for both termites and ants. This dual application makes this product a true value. A concentrated version is called Termidor SC (for Suspended Concentrate). As a concentrate, this should be diluted by mixing it at the rate of .80 fl oz. to for each gallon of water. Using this product indoors is not advised unless you are applying a very limited amount to an infestation. When used correctly this is a pet and child friendly product.
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