One-stop solution for wheat bacterial stripe and virus diseases.

Wheat bacterial stripe and virus diseases are the main diseases that occur during the wheat growth period, which mainly harm wheat leaves, causing premature yellowing, wrinkling, and deformation, affecting photosynthesis, and then drying up and dying. The ear of wheat becomes smaller, and the grain becomes dry and small, resulting in a reduction in yield of 20%-30%. The damage is very serious.

Wheat bacterial stripe disease

Wheat virus diseases
There are many factors that usually affect wheat bacterial stripe and virus diseases, and one of the most important is:
1. The large number of pathogenic bacteria in the field and the thin protective layer of wheat's outer surface allow the pathogen to easily break through the first line of defense and infect the wheat.
2. Wheat's own disease resistance ability somewhat hinders the development of the disease and can effectively inhibit the spread of the disease.
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Coppro (Oligosaccharins 2% + Oxine-copper 33% WP)
Product features:
1. Coppro provides an extra layer of protection for wheat, with high safety, good compatibility, and long-lasting efficacy.
Oxine-copper belongs to the organic copper class. Unlike inorganic copper, Oxine-copper can be mixed with most other pesticides, greatly reducing labor costs. Oxine-copper will form a dense protective film on the surface of wheat, providing an extra layer of protection and slowly releasing copper ions, greatly reducing risk of safety and effectively preventing pathogen infection.
2. Improve disease resistance, prevent multiple diseases with one pesticide, and effectively prevent disease infection.
This year, the climate is variable, with large temperature differences between day and night, more rain, and high humidity, all of which favor the growth of pathogens, making it easy to cause the occurrence of multiple concurrent diseases. Coppro can simultaneously prevent and treat three types of diseases: bacterial, downy mildew, and virus disease. Oligosaccharins can stimulate wheat's disease resistance genes, activate biological reaction enzymes, enhance wheat's disease resistance, and have a good effect for controlling in various fungi.
3. Coppro combines systemic, protective, and treatment properties.
Coppro has systemic, protective, and certain treatment properties. After the disease occurs, the pathogen continues to spread and infect the wheat through various ways inside the wheat. General protective or treatment fungicides cannot perfectly prevent and treat the disease. Coppro enters the wheat internally and eliminates the pathogen while protecting the wheat from secondary infection, which is effortless and convenient.
Application techniques:





Wheat bacterial stripe, virus diseases

500~1000 times dilution of this product for foliar spray.

Chili pepper,


Bacterial scab, bacterial wilt, root rot

500~1000 times dilution of this product for foliar spray.


Bacterial leaf spot, downy mildew, bacterial wilt

500~1000 times dilution of this product for foliar spray.


Bacterial shot-hole, downy mildew, blight

500~1000 times dilution of this product for foliar spray.


Canker disease

500~1000 times dilution of this product for foliar spray.