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by:BrightMart     2020-06-20
There are three main reasons why rodent control is important to property owners. The first is that no one wants to live with these pests. This can be especially true if the property happens to be a public business or if the owner often has guests visiting the structure. The sight of scampering rodents can be not only embarrassing but also somewhat frightening for some individuals. The second reason rodent control is important is that rodents can cause massive damage to a structure, including gnawing through electrical wiring, and, in the case of gophers, weakening surface strength when they tunnel underground. And the third reason is that rodents can carry dangerous diseases which can affect human health. It is a known fact that mice and rats can contaminate food stuffs. This often happens when they leave behind droppings or urine onto food that they have gained access to. Anyone who has had a rodent control problem in the past can attest to the fact that mice and rats are experts at getting into boxes, cartons, and other types of containers. Of course, the more pests that are living in the structure the more problems one will encounter. Again, calling in a professional rodent exterminator is really the only effective way to counter this threat. In addition to contaminating food, rodents can also carry vermin on their bodies. Fleas and ticks are two of the most common types of vermin found on these pests. Both of these insects are also known to migrate from rodent to human if given the opportunity. Ticks and fleas will often leave the host and live on bedding or upholstery until they are able to come into contact with a human host. Once this happens, they can cause health problems to those with whom they have attached themselves. The very young and the very old are often the most susceptible when it comes to health issues associated with fleas and ticks. As mentioned earlier, mice and rats can breed to amazing levels in a very short amount of time. What starts out as a few rodents can quickly become a major problem. It has been reported that rats and mice are able to increase their numbers 20 to 30 fold in just a few months during their breeding seasons. As their numbers increase, it is not uncommon for these pests to branch out. Within a few months, a structure can be infested from attic to cellar with the wall space being one of the most populated areas. This is also where most electrical wiring is located. Even a few bites into insulated wiring can lead to a devastating fire, many of which will occur at night as this is when most rodents prefer to feed.
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