'Organic' is maybe the most discussed word when

by:BrightMart     2020-07-05
Most of the people are ignorant of the production process that goes into making regular flowers. The blooms are generally grown with elevated quantities of manure herbicides and artificial insecticides. Each one of these 'growth boosters' are in fact, toxic and can pose a real threat to your health. They're rather more deadly for the growers and workers who handle them pretty often. In addition, the flowers are shipped around the country in cooled compartments that use unsafe gases and also consume plenty of energy. Put simply, a rose water pack for acne prone skin may do you more damage than good. Therefore, it'd be provident to adhere to tried and tested acne solutions such as Exposed Skin Care System for the same. The inhumane work conditions of regular flower handlers in the industry should also make you rethink your preference for the blooms. Most workers are paid minimal salary and work for many hours in terrible conditions. Indications of overexposure to insecticides and other chemicals- like diarrhea, lightheadedness, fainting, headache and nausea- are also rampant on the farms and workplace they inhabit. Some people could also suffer with frequent skin problems such as acne because of it. In fact, statistics have revealed that flowers are the 6th commonest reason for insecticide related illness in California. Therefore, given the health dangers, the organic flower definitely stands out as the better choice compared to its regular versions. The health-related issues are limited to the growers alone. The receivers have no health threats of any kind. The florists too are out of the danger zone when it comes to health hazards posed by regular flowers. Therefore they may handle their business without any fears. Whatsoever, one can't pay no attention to the impact the growing of these flowers has on the environment ; especially when they use so many chemicals. The regular flowers certainly have a unwanted effect on the environment, but the organic flowers are totally innocuous. These are treated with care to maintain the chemical free standard. And, no workers run the chance of their condition. These flowers last for longer too. So, use organic flowers to deck out your house or give them to a friend. It will be an environment safe step indeed!
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