Our knowledge and understanding of the ramifications

by:BrightMart     2020-07-15
I cannot say for certain that we will not get away with it. We might, we might not but if we don't we are facing a catastrophe that may well make the atom bomb look like a firecracker. While this fits well with the agenda of some very degraded and psychotic individuals who appear determined to wipe out the human race, for the majority of the race in question it is a very unwise gamble because the consequences of it failing would be too gruesome to countenance. And the public instinctively know this. The strategy of certain corporate giants, debt-driven into an increasingly voracious and predatory hunt for perpetually scarce money (a phenomenon explained in 'Third World Death' available free from Freedom Plaza and the soon-to-be-released 'Globalisation' available from the same source) when faced with this collective yet unarticulated wisdom is to ignore it and carry on tinkering with the food chain and entering GMOs into it anyhow. They know that in this sham democracy of ours, the people might be able to elect every few years an individual who will pretend to represent them but that is as far as it goes. Democracy does not extend into the corporate world and indeed has proven powerless to correct its excesses even when the survival of humanity is at stake. While not all the corporate world is insane, there are certain entities within it that definitely are and these go on entering into our world accumulating contra-survival factors unhindered by any workable machinery that would correct such foolishness. Thus, the public must buy in the shops, food contaminated with GMOs that it knows instinctively it cannot really trust but which it finds increasingly difficult to avoid. There has existed for some time for instance a growing trend in using genetically modified seeds in farming. This trend has been driven by forward by often voracious and ruthless corporations that think it is quite all right to gamble with your health and the health of your children so that they can make a few bucks. The justification put forward for the gamble is that it potentially increases crops of such things as corn, cotton, and soybean and so on 'so that we can feed everybody.' However, that is a specious argument because proper husbandry of the land and organic farming (as opposed to the industrialized farming, insecticide-and-hormone-laden, nutrition-depleted methods of the corporations) improve food production and crops and would be quite capable of producing, given half a chance, higher quality nutrition for all WITHOUT placing humanity itself at risk. The big corporations that push GMOs do so for MONETARY and COST-CUTTING reasons. The motivation has nothing to do with how best to supply all human beings with high quality nutrition conducive to long life and mental and physical well being. It all comes down to what problem a company that foists GMOs off on the rest of us is trying to solve. The problem it is trying to solve is how to extract more money from you and me with minimal outlay of time and effort and without us getting too freaked out by what's in the food they sell. This has already gone so far into the Big Gamble with humanity's future that some studies show that as many as 7 out of 10 of the foods we eat have been genetically modified in some way. And that is one scary statistic! There has even been talk of modifying animals in the same way that the genetic tinkerers have deigned to improve on God's design for the flora. Apparently this has not yet been done and the Doctor Frankensteins of the food industry wait somewhere up ahead in our near future with that particular nightmare scenario. It is not experimentation or scientific discovery that I oppose, by the way, nor the search for new understandings and new methods of getting things done. These things are actually necessary if humanity is to move forward and, fulfilling its ultimate destiny, to conquer the stars. However, I would like to see humanity live long enough to do the conquering and not become extinct before it has advanced further than the Moon. What I DO oppose and what, to be honest, gives me the heebie-jeebies, is the thought of that experimentation and research being in the hands of men of such irresponsibility and recklessness and who are driven above all by a thirst for money. Thanks to the efforts of the aforementioned avaricious powers, genetically altered seeds are circulating, and large agricultural corporations are seducing farmers into using them, often omitting to disclose as they do so the negative connotations that may come along with them. India, unfortunately for her, has been a large testing ground for this, and while the results in terms of failed crops have been staggering, we can see in that unfortunate agrarian economy the shape of things to come for the rest of us, unless something is done to insist that certain corporations become moral and ethical. Now some blame for crop failures can of course be placed on the vagaries of weather and droughts, and I'm sure that until a few weeks ago the now discredited 'global warming' received more than its fair share. However, the fluctuating fortunes associated with the weather have always been with us and are nothing new. Then there is a problem with pests and weeds that are becoming resistant to industrial pesticides and this too is a factor. However, these things pale in comparison with a certain problem that has been deliberately built into the genetically altered crops: genetically modified seeds usually contain what is known as 'suicide genes'. This means is that whatever seeds come from the crops that DO actually survive the vagaries of the weather and attacks by pests and so forth, are utterly useless in that they will not grow the following season! Do you see how this works? It is a wonderful profit-making operation. With normal, unmodified seeds, the farmer buys the seed and plants it and nurtures it and watches it grow. When the crop is ripe, he harvests it and sells it and at the same time he keeps the seeds of his best plants to replant the following year. And from these seeds the following year's crop grows. In other words he usually only needs to buy seeds once and from then on, the crops themselves produce the seeds of their next generation. With the genetically altered seeds however, this does not happen. The seeds fail. The following year's crops will not grow and a failed crop is catastrophic for any farmer. These farmers are then forced to buy from the manufacturer more seeds and then more seeds the following year and so on. We are talking here of farmers who were poor to begin with. As a result of doing the sensible thing and looking for ways to increase production, and then the not so sensible thing of falling for the persuasions of the GMO producers, they have to return year after year to buy new seeds from the manufacturer - and of course are obliged to buy pesticide and fertiliser from the same manufacturer - and so they find themselves locked into a spiral of increasing debt. This is so bad that there are reports from India that as many as 3000 people have now committed suicide related to debts in farming with genetically modified seeds How long before this Indian scenario reaches the farmlands of our own corner of the planet? Here again we witness an industry that has become so consumed by the need to extract money from their fellow human beings and so bereft of morals they do not consider the effects or consequences of what they do. They are producing crops, for heaven's sake, that will not reproduce! One can imagine a day where we have tinkered with genes and modified our foods so much that nothing will grow anymore or, if it does grow, it provides less nutrition for our bodies than polystyrene. Okay, so maybe it will get that bad, maybe it won't. Put a gun to your head and pull the trigger. It might not go off.
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