People have been trying to keep their flowers

by:BrightMart     2020-06-04
We have flowers posted to us on occasions and anniversaries and as much as we would like to keep them fresh for eternity, they dry up in a couple of days at most and wither into brown twigs leaving no trace of the freshness and colour they had when they arrived. Follow these simple rules and you will keep your flowers by post fresh for at least a few weeks Interesting Tid Bits In the recent years people have been trying really hard to keep their seasonal blooms from withering and some innovative geeks in some underground lab have come up with nutrient supplements for flowers! This is actually a collection of all the tiny concoctions we are about to prescribe, and perhaps a few chemicals that will do more harm that any good to your poises and roses and oh, not to forget these packaged chemicals are several times costlier. So here you go, the witchery starts. Old Wives' Remedies to Keep Flowers by Post Fresh. Copper Pennies There used to be a time when flowers by post was not a necessity because people had the time to hand pick flowers from their personal gardens and personally deliver them to their friends. It was then that the recipients kept the bouquets in vases and dropped a copper penny for good measure. Unfortunately, today we do not have time and flowers by post are the only way we can send or receive flowers. At the same time, copper in pennies have become just a formality of a long dead tradition of minting copper coins. Copper is neither acidic nor basic, but it is acts as a fungicide provided the concentration is rich enough on the metallic object. You can use old, small copperware if you have any to keep the water from being infested with fungi. 7UP, Vodka and Gin Sounds like a nice cocktail and the truth is that flowers do like it! Alcohol in these hard drinks keep the pH balanced, allowing flowers to absorb water at a normal pace. Although these are good options, the expense of alcohol make it one of the last options on our list. Bleach Contrary to what most think, bleach is indeed a good household remedy to keep flowers by post fresh for long. What is bad for water borne bacteria is good for the flowers. Bleach inhibits and even arrests the growth of bacteria and keeps the water from clouding up. Aspirin Old wives tales are full of aspirin tales. Aspirin is one of those jokers in the pack that people love and keep on exploring for more uses and benefits. Aspirin is also great for flowers sent by post. It keeps the flower heads from drooping. Drop a crushed aspirin with some sugar and baking soda and you have good health syrup. The Witch Mix You will not be burnt at the stake for uses this witch's solution, so go ahead and add 2 spoons sugar, 1 spoon each of vinegar and bleach to water at room temperature and dip the newly arrived flowers in this solution. This will keep the flowers by post fresh more than you have ever seen them survive. Do not forget to replace the water every couple of days. What Else can be done to keep Flowers by Post Fresh? If you are willing to go the distance and preserve the bouquet for much longer you will have to feed it with nutrients. As we mentioned early, there are packaged flower nutrients that provide nourishment. You can try these, but be prepared to pay some money.
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