Pest control is done to keep the crops protected

by:BrightMart     2020-06-05
Termites are ant like insects that binge on dead plants or wood and feed themselves. Termites are smaller than even one grain of rice but they have broad belly. They feed on the cellulose that is found in the wood. Termites live in colonies and reproduce from hundreds to millions. Female termite is known as queen and male termite is called as King. They cause huge damage to damp wood and unprotected wooden structures and buildings. It is important to follow a termite treatment to protect our wooden furniture and other products made up of wood. Termites are not a threat or danger to human beings as they do not bite or harm human beings. The use of naturally termite resistant timber is suggested against the protection from termites for example teak wood. However, termites can attack in some parts of teak wood and other naturally resistant timber but damage caused in such woods is less. Termites can be commonly found as pests in Africa andAsia existing as agricultural pests. Some species of termites build nests and stay with their colonies. Some species make their nests underground and few above the ground. Once termites penetrate into the building; they cause damage to the paper, cloth, carpets etc. There are certain set of precautions to be taken so that damage can be prevented. If terminate has attacked the building, insecticides should be sprayed in the first order. Pre treatment is used as a precautionary measure for soil and before the construction of buildings. This is also called as pre treat or termite treatment. It is an expensive treatment but cost of treatment at pre construction stage is still lesser than post construction. This treatment is not permanent but in some cases the toxins may stay toxic for nearly 10 years. It is important to know the soil type and the credibility of the company that is working on the project of pre treatment for you. There are numerous companies that are into the business of offering termite solutions. Most of them offer yearly package which is very competitive and economical. One must avail services after careful evaluation of the services offered by the company. Pre treatments & post treatments increase the shelf life of your house, buildings etc. In case of termite - precaution, care and cure are important. Hence, it is vital to check your house at least once a year for termite.
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