Pest control refers to management of unwanted

by:BrightMart     2020-05-15
In home and residential areas Cockroaches, rats, rodents, mosquitoes, flies, bed bugs, spiders, ants, termites, etc are the common pests found in residential areas. These pests make lie into hell. They disturb us all the time. Sometimes they bite us and sometimes they spoil household items. Therefore, it is very necessary to control them and make home pest free. It is easy to make home free from rats, rodents and other large pests. You can capture them in trapper and kill them. But controlling flies and mosquitoes are big issue. They enter home from any place. So, in order to prevent them entering you home you have to make your entire residential area free from these pests. You need to clean your surrounding regularly. Do not let water clog nearby your home. Regularly spray mosquito killing chemicals in the drain near your home. To kill termites and bed bugs. You should keep furniture and beds in sunlight. You can spray kerosene on them. Cockroaches and spiders are also very disturbing. They are carrier of disease causing agents. They are found especially in kitchen and toilets. You should you effective spray to kill them. In vegetable garden If the pest is plant species called as weeds, it will be better to destroy them by burning or plowing them. If there is large herbivores pests in your garden such as crows, birds, frogs, etc then kill them manually using trapper or other equipment. Apply the techniques of crop rotation and mixed cropping to control pests. Pest resistant breeds of seeds can also be used to increase the productivity and avoid pests entering your garden. If the garden is attacked with pests like insects, mites, moths, wasps, bugs, fleas, etc, pest controlling chemical or powders should be sprayed and sprinkled in the vegetable garden. Try to spray mild chemical in your garden as the chemical will also be sprayed on the fruits and vegetables along with pests. When you will eat them, the chemical will enter your body also they can reduce the nutrition of the foods stuffs. Better rely on organic pest control methods. However, if there too much pests to be controlled with mild pesticides use effective pesticides to control them as they are the agents of many harmful diseases.
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