Prevent red spider mites in spring, learn "mite control secrets"

As temperature rises and rainfall increases in the spring, it becomes a suitable environment for the survival and reproduction of overwintering small pests, such as mites. These pests have small bodies, reproduce quickly, and use their mouthparts to pierce leaves, young shoots, and pericarp to suck out juice, causing serious damage. They can cause leaves to lose their green color, turn yellow, and can also lead to abnormal flower and fruit drop, resulting in reduced fruit set rates for citrus trees.
Therefore, fruit growers should carry out mite control work in advance. Especially in orchards where cleaning is not thorough, it is advisable to choose high-efficiency, safe, and long-lasting acaricides. Using them scientifically, eliminating early-stage damage of red spider mites, preventing later outbreaks, and avoiding unnecessary economic losses.
Almiti PRO has the highest content of active ingredient to ensure higher purity and stronger activity. When combined with the synergistic system formula, it can pass through the dorsal seta of harmful mites faster and directly to the viscera of mites, and killing red spider mites more thoroughly.
Almiti (Bifenazate 30% + Etoxazole 20% SC)
Product features:
1. High content combination suspension concentrate of bifenazate and etoxazole.
2. The formula was upgraded with the addition of acaricidal anti-resistance agent, effectively relieving resistance to bifenazate, and killing mites more thoroughly.
3. For resistant red spider mites, Almiti PRO can stop their feeding 24 hours after spraying, and within 48-72 hours, most red spider mites are dead.
4. A unique ovicidal additive agent is added for long-term control of mites, lasting up to 30 days.
5. It is not affected by temperature and remains effective control of red spider mites in high and low temperatures.
6. It is safe for crops and has good Mixing performance: It is safe to use during the flowering and young fruit stages without harming bees and does not affect pollination during flowering.
Trial results
Crop: citrus
Dosage: 3000 times dilution
Target: red spider mites
Before                          7 days after application