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Prevention of strawberry dead seedlings, starts with root-knot nematode control

Prevention of strawberry dead seedlings, starts with root-knot nematode control


According to data, common diseases of strawberry, such as root rot, anthracnose, verticillium wilt, etc., are the causes of dead seedlings.


Anthracnose mainly causes damage to stolons, petioles, flower stems, and Shortened stems. Damage of shortened stems can cause death of whole strawberry plants.

Root rot:
Root rot diseases occur with small lateral roots or new roots to damage strawberry roots. With damage more serious, all root systems quickly turn necrotic and brown.

Strawberry root rot and other seedling diseases can be caused various soil pathogenic fungi, nematodes, barren soils and unsuitable environments. It is main reason that inadequate precautionary measures for crops, especially for prevention of nematodes.

Nematodes are parasitic in soil or plant tissues. They are usually milky, pale yellow, or brownish red. Nematode is generally invisible to naked eyes. Most of nematode worm bodies are linear (like earthworms) and can only be seen with a microscope.

Nematodes are severe pathogens of plants. Nematode piercing strawberry root systems through a needle, brings various soil-borne pathogens to infect crops from wound, resulting in dead seedlings.

Root-knot nematodes bring root knots and root rot to crops. Plants damaged by root-knot nematode were obviously poorly grown due to lacking of water and fertilizer. Leaves of Stems in damaged crops turn yellow, which scorched and shed earlier. Eventually, flowering is late, and fruit growth is slow.

It is recommended to apply BrightMart’s innovative Nematicide ‘Lanli’ to prevent nematode, which helpful for improving seedlings survival rate.

1. Refined production technology: Advanced technology supports and supervises production, guaranteeing excellent effect on nematode control.

2. ‘Lanli’ creates double-kill to nematode eggs and adults, quick knock-down and long-lasting effect, controlling nematode damage from the source.

3. Added safety additive, ‘Lanli’ is more effective for controlling nematode and safer for crops.

4. Prevent disease and increase yield: Rich in marine essence, ‘Lanli’promotes rooting. It also prevents and controls various soil-borne diseases and viral diseases, which improves plants growth. In this case, it improves quality, increasing yield and income.

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