Quick solution for controlling young weeds.

With the arrival of spring, as temperature gradually rises and rainfall becomes abundant, while these promoting the growth and development of crops. However, weeds in the fields also enter their active growth period, and the peak period of weed damage in spring is about to appear. How can we quickly kill weeds before the peak period of weed growth?

We recommend that growers apply Juqida® from BrightMart CropScience for weed control. This product has quick-acting effect, it can quickly kill small weeds and thoroughly eliminating weeds, showing the advantages of time-saving, labor-saving, high safety, reliable, and high efficiency.
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Juqida (Glufosinate-ammonium 60% + Flumioxazin 6% WP)

The core active ingredients of Juqida®are Glufosinate-ammonium and Flumioxazin, they can effectively control most of grassy weeds and broadleaf weeds.
Product Features:
1. Quick-acting effect, quickly killing small weeds.
2. Low residue in the afterreap crop, 15 days after application, the land can be safely planted.
3. More cost-effective, combination products are more economical.
Recommended Applications:
1. Dilute 25g of the product with 15L water, evenly and directionally spray, and the control effect will be more thorough with sufficient sunlight.
2. The herbicidal effect is best displayed when the daily temperature is above 24℃, and the effect will be enhanced with the increase of temperature. It is not recommended to use below 20℃.
3. In the case of a large number of weeds and large grass age, ensure that the spray is wet and thorough to prevent the weeds from re-sprouting.
4. Dilute and shake thoroughly before application, to make the dilution more uniform and it has a better control effect.
Trial Results:
Dosage: 600 times dilution
Target: Orchard weeding
Before application                    14 days after application
Before application                    16 days after application