Rheumatism or rheumatic arthritis is one of the

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Rheumatic fever is named as Amavata in Ayurvedic classicals and main symptoms are fever and joint swelling. Intermittent fever with joint pains manifests throughout the episode. Intially ama will be sedimented in big joints which will affects all joints in due course. Panchakarma means five therapeutic measures which are undergone for the purification of the body. The simple logic on which Ayurveda operates is that the body has to be purified before preparing it for treating it for the complex health problems. Most doctors recommend that apart from pain relievers, this disorder should also be treated using at least one anti-rheumatic medication. Cortisone therapy has been effective in providing relief in the past but its long term effects have been said to be adverse. Cortisone injections on the other hand have been said to be affective even for long term use. They can be used in combination with any anti-rheumatic treatment. Home Remedies for Rheumatism 1. Mix some dry ginger, black pepper and rock salt in the juice of a fresh ginger stem. Make a powder of this. Take this in quantity of three grams with honey. 2. Massaging with the oil extracted from Bishop's Weed seeds directly on the painful joints helps to relieve the pain. Another way to use Bishop's Weed is to boil some seeds in water and allow the vapors to pass over the affected joints. 3. The juice of tomatoes is very effective in rheumatic pains that arise in the joints of the hands and legs. Tomatoes can be had either in the form of a juice or raw. About four to five tomatoes must be eaten in a day. 4. A paste of garlic should be made and applied directly on the affected parts. This will reduce the pain day by day till it completely disappears. A similar effect is found by the application of mustard seed paste. Alternative rheumatoid arthritis treatments include weight loss, rest, physiotherapy, immunoadsorption therapy and joint injections. Physical activity or regular exercise not only helps to maintain joint mobility but also makes joints stronger. Radon therapy is a popular treatment method in Germany and Eastern Europe. If your joint is severely damaged, you may require surgery for joint replacement. An example is a knee replacement.
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