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Why is difficult to control root-knot nematode?

Why is difficult to control root-knot nematode?


Root-knot nematodes generally damage a wide range of crops, including fruits like banana, citrus, vegetables like cucumber, tomato, eggplant, pepper, and other crops, such as tuber, beans, ornamental, etc.

In recent years, with growing area of various economic crops and continuous cropping, damage of root nematodes in China has increased year by year severely.

Root-knot nematodes invisible to naked eyes, hiding in soil

Why is difficult to control root-knot nematode?

1.      Root-knot nematodes are invisible to naked eyes, hidden in soil to damage crops roots. Besides, symptoms of early damage to crops are not obvious.

2.      Nematodes have simple body structure, so many active ingredients have no target point on nematodes. Besides, root-knot nematodes have strong ability to reproduce, so there are too many nematodes hiding in soil. Therefore, common pesticide ingredients on market are ineffective to control root-knot nematodes.

3.      Root-knot nematodes can be easily and quickly spread through water, damaged soil, and agricultural tools in fields.

4.      The above-ground part of the affected plant shows symptoms of short plants, small leaves, yellowing, twisting, and death. It is easy to be confused with physiological deficiencies, fertilizer damage, or other diseases. This is also a lack of understanding and ineffective control of plant nematodes.

Slow growth and yellowing caused by root-knot nematodes on bananas are easily confused with similar symptoms caused by other factors

BrightMart’s abamectin nematiceide ‘Ligensha’ is special design to control root-knot nematodes, which is highly complimented by growers.

Our ‘Ligensha’ in GR (granule) with high-active abamectin and slow release technology, is suitable to be applied at seeding and transplanting. It provides a long-lasting of nematodes control for more than two months.

Besides, our ‘Ligensha’ in EC (emulsifiable concentrate) with strong contact toxicity and high permeability, contributes super-fast effect of killing nematodes. It is suitable for emergency use in crops with long growth cycles and in cases where root knots and nematodes have occurred.

These two formulations are complementary and can provide full root care for the entire growth of crops.

Root knots occured on banana roots due to damag from nematodes

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