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'Shiling' highly complimented with awardat '2019 Contribution Award'

'Shiling' highly complimented with awardat '2019 Contribution Award'


On November 21th 2019, ‘The Fifth Selection Conference for Pesticide Demonstration Enterprise and Excellent Pioneers’ was successfully held by China Crop Protection Industry Association. BrightMart’s acaricide/miticide 'Shiling' standing out from numerous products, highly complimented with award at '2019 Contribution Award' for acaricide/miticide application dosage reducing and effect enhancing.

Acaricide/miticide 'Shiling' was awarded at at '2019 Contribution Award'

Acaricide/miticide ‘Shiling’ provides mites control for long term, with high content of Bifenazate 30% + Etoxazole 20% in a suspension formulation to decrease dosage of acaricide/miticide. Since its launch to market in 2018, it has been applied in more than 34,000 Ha across the country, and its effects have been high commended by growers!

Award certificate
Award certificate

The effective period of current common acaricide/miticide products in market is about 10-20 days, whereas effective period of ‘Shiling’ reaches about 5 times than that. In this case, it contributes a long-lasting effect to help farmers reduce 1-2 times acaricide/miticides application for controlling mites.

In order to actively carry out the government call for reducing pesticide dosage and enhancing effect, BrightMart will keep dedicate on developing more innovative acaricide/miticides products and other crop-protection products. Members of BrightMart are always working together for the consistent objectives to implement social responsibility of the New Era.

Features of ‘Shiling’:
1、Acaricide/miticides product, safe for crops and environmental friendly.

2、Acaricide/miticides product added with penetrating agent and spreader, effectively reduces acaricide/miticides dosage.

3. Acaricide/miticides product contributes excellent and long-lasting control on mites eggs, mites nymphs and mites adults.

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