Soil is one of the most important aspects of reaping

by:BrightMart     2020-04-28
Purpose of Soil Testing Kit The soil testing kit can be used to test the type and texture of the land. It can be sandy or clayey in nature. Various types of crops require different types of agricultural land. The testing kit helps to analyze the following facts: Nutrition level: The testing kits are highly useful in analyzing the nutritional level of the soil. It is easy to understand the precise requirement of the agricultural land through such analysis. PH level: The soil testing kit can be used to test the PH level present in the agricultural land. Some lands include more alkaline content whereas some lands are acidic in nature. It is necessary to understand the PH level present in the land to show certain types of crops. The PH level should neither be too low nor too high which can lead to non-absorption of nutrients by the soil. This can lead to plant starvation. Saline content: Another important factor that can be analyzed includes the saline content present in the agricultural land. In places with dry climate, there is high salt content in the land which can cause damage to some plants. Some crops require high salt content so it is important to check the salt content of the land before sowing specific crops. Harmful weeds: The presence of harmful weeds and pathogen can be analyzed with the help of these testing kits. Specific chemicals can be added to the land to remove the presence of harmful weeds and prepare the land for crop cultivation. Nitrogen level: It is also important to check the nitrogen levels present in the agricultural land. Excessive nitrogen can cause rapid growth of the plants leading to retarded flower and seed formation. Low nitrogen level can cause diseases and weakening of the plant. Various Types of Testing Kits There are various types of soil testing kits available in the markets today. Testing kits to analyze the level of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, moisture, saline content and PH level are available today. The sample of the land should be collected six inches below the surface. It is important never to touch the sample with your bare hands as results may vary due to the presence of external factors. Different testing kits have different types of accessories for conducting the tests. So it is necessary to choose the kits according to individual requisites.
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