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Solutions for sheath blight prevention and control

Solutions for sheath blight prevention and control


Sheath blight is a common disease in gramineous plants such as rice and wheat. Sheath blight severely harms rice. Sheath blight prevents rice from heading, or causes poor grains. Sheath blight also increases empty husk rate, which seriously affects rice plants to damp off and die.

Pathogens of rice sheath blight survive in freezing winter in soil with sclerotium. Mycelium and sclerotium of sheath blight also possibly by parasitizing in diseased straw and other host debris.

Methods for sheath blight prevention and control:

The control of sheath blight should be based on agricultural measures and combined with Fungicide application.

It is recommended to apply with fungicide ‘Suris’ to provide high-effect and resistance control on sheath blight.

Features of fungicide ‘Suris’

1.      A mixed fungicide provides duel action of controlling resistant sheath blight on rice.

2.      Unique formulation with high systemic action, excellent activity, supper-fast and long-lasting on killing pathogen.

3.      It can regulate rice growth and enhance photosynthesis, which increases yield, and significantly improves rice quality.

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