Some of the ways for controlling termites on drywood

by:BrightMart     2020-07-03
Microwave devices are used to kill and control termites by causing fluids inside their cells to boil and thus destroying cell membranes cooking the termites inside the wood. The disadvantage of this method is that there is the risk of destroying the interior of the wood boards. Heating the wood also helps in controlling the termites on drywood. The area is heated to a certain degree and all the termites inside it are cooked. This is an immediate way of getting rid of drywood termites. They will have shock and will die the advantage of this method is portability and the results can be seen within a short time. Electrocution is another method of controlling drywood termites. This is where a high voltage of up to 9000 volts is used and the shock caused by the electricity kills the termites. This process will have the limitation of interference from metals, concrete and glass. However, this method is highly limited as only skilled personnel can actually use it to control termites. It also requires special equipment to achieve it, which may have to be hauled into your compound. If there isn't enough space for the equipment to be stationed as the process is undertaken, this may become a challenge to the termite exterminator. Fumigation is also another effective method of controlling drywood termites. It is a method suitable for severe termite infestation. During the fumigation Sufuryl Fluoride gas is pumped into the termite infested structure. The structure is first covered with an airtight tarpaulin and then the gas released into it at slow rates. Note that al living things must removed from the structure before the fumigation process starts otherwise they will die. Insecticides can also be used where the infestation of termites is only localized. A chosen insecticide is injected into holes drilled into the wood which goes to the termites' colony. The nature of infestation and the chemical used will determine the depth of holes drilled. This is a simpler way to treat drywood termites where they are localized. Sometimes if the wood is badly damaged, the best way to control the infestation is changing the entire structure and replacing the wood with new ones. This may be an expensive method of controlling the pests but it is quite effective.
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