Spring to most people means sunshine, blooming

by:BrightMart     2020-06-01
When looking for a Brevard County pest control service, Slug-a-Bug handles the full gamut of outdoor pest control, whether it's bees, ants, fleas, chinch bugs, or mole crickets. Lawn Pests The most likely bugs you'll see on your lawn will be mole crickets and chinch bugs. Mole crickets are typically 3 to 5 centimeters long, and are nocturnal bugs with a chirping song. They not only like to eat roots and grasses, making the area they've snacked on brown and spongy, but also make their home by tunneling underground, which can cause damage both to the look and the structure of your lawn. Meanwhile, chinch bugs are slender and black. While all bugs have a set of white wings, these are non-functional: however, some species also have a second set of full-sized wings. While the bugs are still active during the winter months, the summer months have a shorter hatching time of eggs, with July being the heaviest month. Their favorite meal is St. Augustine grass, and when doing your residential lawn care, you should look for discolored patches, typically circular in shape, to determine if these pests are in your lawn. Bees & Ants As your flowers bloom, that will inevitably bring about bees, hoping to feed on the pollen. There are actually two types of bees typically seen in Florida - the European and the African. The African tends to be more aggressive, and once disturbed will stay defensive for days. The European bee tends to nest in larger protected areas such as hollow trees, while the African bee typically nests in smaller exposed locations. If you find a nest, don't try to do your own outdoor pest control - as it could be dangerous. There are over 200 different species of ants you may see in Florida. Several are attracted to a substance produced by another pest, aphids, and will actually protect them to keep the food flowing. Fire ants are also a big problem in the spring in Florida, and can actually sting you. Fleas If you have a cat or dog, most likely you're already doing something about the potential for fleas. However, just treating the animal will not cause the fleas to go away, as they can become re-infested from the premises, especially if you let your pets outside. They don't just affect pets, though, and can cause itching. You'll want to clean your home regularly to keep these pests clear. In conclusion Spring is the time many bugs come out of hibernation. Having a Melbourne pest control company such as Slug-a-Bug do a spot check in spring is prudent, but especially a good idea if you see signs that your yard or home has become infested with pests.
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