Start the spring off right with good lawn care

by:BrightMart     2020-06-01
1. Clean up the Lawn Cleaning the lawn of any debris is the first step in spring lawn care. This step includes raking any leftover leaves, branches, twigs, etc. This will really help to ensure a problem free first cutting. 2. Distribute Remaining Snow If any piles of snow have accumulated and not melted then you will need to get the shovel out and break he snow pile apart. Simply spread the snow around the lawn in areas where there is lots of sun. This is an important step as the snow pile could cause the grass underneath to develop and grow slower than the rest of the grass. 3. First Fertilizing Find a good fertilizer for early spring application. It will have the right mix of fertilizer compounds for your lawn. Keep in mind to fertilize light as over fertilizing in spring can harm the roots of the grass and cause you more problems than you need. 4. Crabgrass- Remove it before it grows! Early spring is the best time for crabgrass treatment. If your grass had crabgrass growth last spring or summer than you will need to treat it this spring. The way to treat for crabgrass is with herbicide and it must be applied two weeks before crabgrass germinates in your area. If you are unsure about when this occurs then you may want to consider asking a professional landscaper for some helpful advice. 5. Over Seeding Over seeding is the process of placing a significant amount of grass seeds on patchy or worn down areas or grass. This process helps to strengthen and quicken the grass growth and to help it look better. If you used an herbicide for crabgrass then you must wait at least a month before over seeding.
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