Termites are social insects. This means that,

by:BrightMart     2020-07-01
Termites are one of the leading causes of damage to properties across Australia, with Brisbane as the worst affected area in the continent. It is estimated that on average, they cost the country between $150-200 million every year. Don't become part of that statistic, fight back with Termidor. The common needs of termites are a food source in the form of any cellulose based materials, a moisture source and high humidity. Living trees, grass, timber and timber byproducts including paper and cardboard are all cellulose rich materials. Moisture is a major factor as Termites have thin cuticles which they shed several times during their growth. If a Termite is unable to grow a new skin, it will dehydrate and die. Obviously timber and cellulose based materials also encourage their development. Both of these factors contribute to the continuing development of the several castes which depend on one another for the survival of the colony. HOW TERMIDOR WORKS? Termidor is an incredibly flexible and efficient insecticide, acting as both an offense and a defence. If there are termites in your house, Termidor will get rid of them, if there are not any yet, then Termidor will ensure that none get in. As simple as that. Termidor is a cutting edge insecticide, and is undetectable to termites. Meaning that they don't know what hit them. They cannot see, smell, taste or avoid it. Because they are unaware that they have been poisoned, and because it has a delayed effect, Termidor will be carried back to the colony where it can do maximum damage. Termidor turns every termite that comes into contact with it into a carrier, meaning that it has an exponentially devastating effect on the termite colony. This is called the 'transfer effect' and it is what makes Termidor the best in the business. If you want termites gone, then you want Termidor. Call Pest Control services, who are Termidor experts.
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