The German cockroach has caused numerous screams

by:BrightMart     2020-07-03
Obviously, their presence anywhere food is processed, stored, or served is unacceptable. Not long ago while eating at a restaurant a friend of mine saw a German cockroach, mid day on the table leg. I ask the question do you think any one of us ate there again. The old saying when you see one, there are hundreds really does apply for cockroaches. Controlling German cockroaches in these environments, however, can prove quite challenging. The German cockroach can travel easily on deliveries and are built for survival. They reproduce quickly, and prefer to live inside difficult to access cracks, crevices and voids. To make things worse, some German cockroach strains are becoming more and more resistant to some common insecticides, and others have developed feeding aversions to some roach bait formulations. Feeding aversion simply means they have figured out that the roaches eat the stuff and then die and they do not want to eat it. Sanitation is a key step in the control of the German cockroach; one has to learn how to eliminate the conditions that they can easily thrive in. You want to eliminate or at least deprive them of food, water and shelter. Baits are convenient to apply to easily accessible, shallow cracks, little or no preparation is required, and they are no significant odor or exposure to the areas the roach bait is applied. The less pressure of food, the better the cockroach will respond to the bait. Meaning the hungrier they are the more likely they will pick up the roach bait you have applied. If you leave them a buffet if food to eat then your bait is completely with tons of choices for them to survive on. Treating cracks and crevices to flush cockroaches out during an inspection or control roaches with a residual insecticide or bait. Use a Dust to apply to voids, there are even dry flowable baits that can be applied into the wall void for effective control methods of the German cockroach. You will want to spot treat areas with a long lasting insecticide, treat exposed surfaces that the roaches are likely to crawl across when they leave their harborage area. There are so many new pest control that are non repelling and can be applied at the same time as the roach bait and cause no interaction or aversion. New products such as Phantom, are available in both a liquid and also aerosol formulation for easy application.
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