The Green Revolution was very successful in India

by:BrightMart     2020-04-30
The most significant factor that brought the changeover was the genetically improvised seeds. The development and research is still being carried out to obtain better quality seeds. In the recent times, the vegetable seeds are manufactured by combining the good elements of a number of seeds of a particular vegetable to obtain a seed with all the good elements and are known as hybrid seeds. The important qualities of a hybrid vegetables seedsare better nutrition, less usage of chemicals needed, lesser spoilage and for increased crop outputs. The plants grown from such seeds are can be kept in a desirable condition all through the year with the size of its fruits remaining same neither there is any reduction in production. The plants can be picked in 2 months or a little more and the plant vigor is also very high. The damage due to pests is also reduced. The seed supplies are majorly related to the weather and the time of the year. To fulfill our need for seeds the seed suppliers need to be informed well in advance. Many vegetable seed companies who sell these seeds have a very vast range in the types of seeds. They intend to provide the customers with a continuous supply of a good quality of vegetable seeds. Few vegetable seed companies also sell hybrid and open pollinated types of seeds. The vegetable seed manufacturers know very well about the seed production and varietal development. According to the nature of their business, the companies can be classified as seed suppliers and seed manufacturers. All the seed manufacturing companies see to it that the seeds produced by them are of a very good quality and have successfully undergone a rigorous amount of quality testing or evaluations to provide the guarantee of the seeds reaching above the standards of importers. The vegetable seeds companies offer an excellent range of quality and can be generally cultivated in any kind of soil whether it is saline, gravel or sand. These seeds are easily adjusted to a variation in climatic conditions. They come in a very nice packing to ensure that the seeds do not get damaged while in transit.
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