The hobby of bug collecting can be a very rewarding

by:BrightMart     2020-07-08
Test out some of the unique ways on how to make a bug collection from scratch. These are some of the tested techniques on acquiring insects without having to waste a lot of time going through trial and error. Bug Collecting Techniques: A) Utilize pond nets or trawls for capturing insects that live and breed in aquatic environments. These can be bought at sporting goods store but if you want to save some money it can be easily made at home. Making your own pond net is not that hard and all you need to do is fasten a small to medium sized cloth strainer onto the end of a long pole. B) Stouts are a larger solution to the smaller pond nets and are usually made from heavier white cloth. They are bigger because they are basically used for collecting insects that are flying around in the air or within various types of vegetation. C) Place large flat trays or big cloth sheets directly around the base of trees or bushes. After doing that you would need to firmly grasp the trunk of the tree or bush and shake it until bugs start to drop down onto the trays or sheets. Lighter colored trays or cloths are recommended so that you will easily be able to spot and pick out the little critters after they have fallen into them. D) An aspirator is a very good collecting tool to suck up small bugs into a tiny tube without harming or damaging them. Entomologists frequently use big mechanical aspirators with a much more powerful suction action to collect insects from the surface of the ground or from plants and trees. E) Household insecticide is a good tool if you have no intention of keeping them alive for observation before adding them to your assortment of bugs. Spraying insecticide is also good for covering vast amounts of areas for which would otherwise be very difficult to cover. This can be utilized over large areas ranging from ground level plants to the tops of trees. Obviously the size of the area affected highly depends on the total amount used. It is best to spread sheets or bags all over the ground beneath the targeted areas first which will help gathering the insects much easier after they have plummeted to the ground. F) Numerous types of specially designed traps can be set up in different locations. Each of these traps can be left for a short or long length of time before returning to them to check for captured bugs. Some of these types of traps can be based on flight interception, stickiness, pitfalls, water or light. All in all, there are many methods of which to choose from when starting your own bug collections. The experience of bug collecting is enhanced and made much easier when you know how to apply the appropriate technique based on your own personal requirements. Now that you know how to make a bug collection starting from nothing, go out and do it.
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