The tubers and roots of sweet potatoes are damaged, what to do?

Disease and pest control management is one of the most important factors of high-yield and high-quality sweet potato cultivation. It is believed that many farmers have found that during the entire growth process of sweet potatoes, pests such as weevils and grubs often occur. These pests can cause damage to the tuber roots by feeding on the sweet potato vines, leaf stems, young buds, and exposed tubers. In addition, they often bore and corrode the tubers, and excrete their feces inside the tunnels, causing the sweet potatoes to rot, become moldy, and emit a foul smell, making them inedible and resulting in significant losses.
During a long periods of hot weather, underground pests are more conducive to growth and reproduction. Therefore, it is recommended that growers use pesticides in advance to prevent and control these pests and ensure safe and healthy of sweet potato growth.
Below, we recommend a high-efficiency insecticide that can prevent sweet potatoes from being "harassed" by underground pests.
Different from the coating technique of general granules, Goldminer uses a one-piece molding granulation process. The active ingredient is evenly distributed inside the carrier and continuously released, which can effectively prevent and control underground pests such as sweet potato weevils and grubs, as well as aboveground pests such as whiteflies during the seedling stage.
Goldminer (Thiamethoxam 2% GR)
Product features:
1. This product can be absorbed and transmitted through the roots and stems, acting its effects on all parts of the crop and providing all-round protection from aboveground and underground pests by underground application.
2. It can effectively prevent and control pests such as sweet potato whiteflies, aphids, thrips, leaf miner, grubs, wireworms, and cutworms, etc.
3. It also promotes strong seedlings and healthy crop growth in the early stages.
4. Low-toxic and low-residue, environmentally friendly and safe for people and animals.
Recommended usage:
Mix the product with fertilizer and spread it evenly at a rate of 80~100kg/ha.
Trial results
70 days after application
120 days after application