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by:BrightMart     2020-07-20
The Ill Effects of Toxic Pesticides Every local farmland where toxic pesticides have been sprayed to prevent the attack the pests, the community met with disastrous results. most residents started having problems with respiration, which came along with irritations in the eyes, throat and ears. Blisters and rashes were also noticeable in the individuals. The degrading health of the human kind was just a part of the adverse consequences of the application of toxic pesticides. Several animals, birds and fishes were killed. They started disappearing from the locality rapidly. The Availability of Organic Repellants Today one can say that the use of harmful pesticides is absolutely pointless these days, more so because several organic alternatives are handy. One can prove to be a lot more responsible if he is using organic insect repellants to keep insects and pests away from his farm. To speak of the organic insecticides, diatomaceous earth is one of the most efficient and hence is widely used. This insecticide is not any new option. It has been used for several centuries to keep pests and insects away from the farms, as there are no side effects to the application of this insecticide. How Diatomaceous Earth is Obtained The fossil remains of the plant Diatom is used as the DE insecticide. It is obtained by mining ancient lakebeds. The product comes in a powder form and has really razor sharp edges. These edges are responsible to cause slashes and cuts to the outer waxy exoskeleton of the insects which come close to them. As a consequence the insect gets dehydrated and slowly meets death. As there is no way that, a bug would like crawling through this edgy insecticide, hence it works great in repelling them. One can use a number of organic oils to keep the insects at bay. Thus, this is one of the least harmful ways of getting rid of bugs. Qualities of DE In terms of safety, DE guarantees in cent percent, as it is a purely organic and natural product. One can use it even with kids and pets around. The natural qualities of DE are so beneficial that it can also be taken orally by men as well as animals for health benefits. As a result, DE is also applied on vegetables and fruits even when they are completely ripe. Conclusion It is really sad to see companies preparing insecticides and pesticides emphasizing only on the profit they can make. Many of these businesses are least interested in getting in organic pesticides as they are not quite profitable. However, it is probably time that we take a step towards a better future and let this companies know that we care more for our health than they care for their business.
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