The weather turns cold, the summer plants die

by:BrightMart     2020-05-20
During the winter it is actually a great time to speak to a garden designer if you are looking to create something spectacular ready for next year. There can be loads of planning, groundwork, digging and designing done during this time. For example if you are looking at creating an outdoor seating area then the winter is a great time to do this as you won't mind a little upheaval or temporary mess as you won't be out enjoying the warm weather will you? As for actual gardening the cold months are a good time to get clearing up any of those dead bedding plants or to catch up on a little weeding that never got completed in the summer. Some plants also need pruning before the winter but not all of them, so make sure you know which ones need a little cutting back and which ones don't. This is also a great time to begin replenishing your gardens soil with loads of nutrients. You can do this easily with some great organic compost or some manure. This will break down over the cold weather months and provide you with some fantastic rich soil ready for fresh growth in spring or the sowing of your favorite seeds. A lot of people also like to design and dig their new bedding areas or even their long awaited vegetable patch. Just pick a day that isn't too wet and a day where the ground hasn't been frozen solid the night before. This will make your digging a lot easier and make it nice and easy to dig in all of that compost or manure. Yes your new beds or vegetable patches will love some nice nutrition too. As mentioned earlier in this article now is a good time to plan out your garden with a professional designer, so why not incorporate a few new beds or veggie patches if this is what you want. A good designer will know the best places to put these to maximize results and crop, but they can probably integrate them into any style or design you have in mind so that they look fantastic too.
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