There are numerous benefits to consuming organic

by:BrightMart     2020-05-31
This is food that is grown with organic pesticide and herbicide methods using only natural fertilizers, organic or traditional seeds, no or all natural preservatives and holistic animal husbandry practices. One disadvantage of organic foods is that they are usually difficult to find, an area may not have a farmers market or health store and sometimes these stores carry only a limited range of products. This usually means for extra work on one's part for finding good sources, ordering in bulk, or growing/ raising one's own. By eating food that is healthier for you and the environment, one can also enjoy other benefits such as more flavorful and better tasting foods. Care and maintenance of the soil and preventive farming methods like crop rotation can create fruits and vegetables that contain up to 50% more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Encouraging natural and organic farming methods allow organic soil to rebuild and contribute healthy vitamins and minerals to feed crops. One of the major advantages of these foods is that it is not genetically modified. Very little data actually exists regarding the practice of genetic modification. Organic farming practices also conserve valuable natural resources by requiring less water and less energy. These methods and practices are also beneficial to wildlife, unlike commercial methods of food production. Industrial farming also destroys natural habitats by cutting down trees to make more land for growing, to make these areas easier to farm. One of the biggest and most extensive studies on organic food have found organic foods are much healthier and help to lengthen people's lives. With their higher levels of flavanoids and antioxidants they can help ward off heart disease and cancer. Some studies have indicated that the differences between organic and conventional foods are so marked that eating organic produce was like eating an extra portion of fruits and vegetables every day.
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